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— When doctors speak to teens about sex and LGBT issues, only about 3 percent of them are doing so in a way that encourages LGBT teens to discuss their sexuality, and Purdue University researchers say other doctors can learn from these conversations.

"Physicians are making their best efforts, but they are missing opportunities to create safe environments for teenagers to discuss sexuality and their health," said lead investigator Stewart C.

But the researchers said these conversations are more than a simple phrase and they need to consider the whole conversation - thus physicians can undo any good they do if they don't remain inclusive.

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Andy has devoted his life to next-generation discipleship.

SANTA ANA – A man who prosecutors say targeted Orange County high school girls for sex in exchange for money by using Craigslist ads is expected to face trial next month.

An October federal grand jury indictment charges Leo James Zabala Jr., 25, of Whittier, with using interstate commerce to attempt to induce a minor to engage in illegal sexual activity.

Apparently, he wants to "get back to work." And you'll be floored by what he wants to do.

According to an interview with "Good Morning Alabama", a local news show, Cosby will be holding a town hall in Alabama "sometime in July" to teach the youth how to avoid sexual assault charges.