David cook kimberly caldwell still dating

Idol Worship American Idol alum Kimberly Caldwell, who mad headlines recently after AI's latest winner, hottie David Cook, asked her out on a date at the season finale, performs on the Main Stage at the L. A.-based First Star's programs to help abused and neglected children, on June 7 in Hollywood.Last night’s sold out show at Indianapolis’ Murat Theater brought one of the greatest showmen in rock, and did not disappoint devoted fans.Betting on Betty Ugly Betty beauty Becki Newton promotes the hit comedy at Monaco's Monte Carlo Television Festival, where 113 shows from 24 countries are vying for an award at the prestigious ceremony that runs thru June 12.Nashville Star Hannah Montana's Billy Ray Cyrus rocks through classics like "Arcy Breaky Heart" and new tracks from his upcoming album Back to Tennessee, due in October, at the 2008 CMA Music Fest on June 8 in Nashville. Everybody Loves Tichina Everybody Hates Chris' Tichina Arnold attends the Celebration for Children's Rights event, which benefits L.Cook was born in Houston, Texas, and was raised in Blue Springs, Missouri. He received his first guitar, a Fender Stratocaster, at the age of 12.

His over the top theatrical show features guillotines, fake blood and dead babies.

I’ve got jams from each and every one of those artists in my i Tunes library — click those hotlinked names if you want help building your own playlist. Our winner is on the floor, sobbing like a baby and trying to get through his new single “Falling.” (He barely does, but that puts him in company with pretty much all the prior winners of the show, no? Ryan is telling us, “We say to you from Hollywood, ‘Good night, America…

And while it’s going to be hard to see them pave over The House That Kelly Clarkson Built and put up a parking lot (aka probably something less funny than will never die. for now.” RYAN, YOU ALREADY UNLEASHED THE KARDASHIANS ON US — DO NOT PLAY WITH OUR EMOTIONS, MISTER!

The Season 15 finale went heavy on nostalgia and light on its current finalists — La’Porsha Renae and Trent Harmon, a powerhouse duo worthy of having their names etched in stone alongside Kris-Adam, Candice-Kree, Kelly-Justin and all those formidable duos from the past 14 years. Before I turn it over to you, let me hand out some Series Finale Awards, yes?

(Season 15’s third-through-10th-place performers were all but locked in their dressing rooms.) And while part of me is bitter that Fox chose to pull the plug in early April rather than mid-May — fumbling the opportunity to bring back all these crazy-talented alumni for full performances rather than quick song snippets – I still found myself fighting back tears of joy over the entire two-hour telecast. COOLEST CAMEO I wasn’t expecting President Barack Obama’s pre-taped intro — although I probably should’ve — but regardless of your political leaning, you’ve got to give POTUS credit for deftly using the end of Fox’s fan-driven as a jumping-off point to remind viewers that “voting [for elected officials, not just reality-show singers] is the most fundamental and sacred right in our democracy.” MOST SLAPDASH PERFORMANCE I love Trent. But the choice of “It Takes Two” — a nod to Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini’s Season 1 finale duet – didn’t bring out the best in either of their voices.