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After four failed attempts to escape, she was able to find freedom on the fifth attempt, but not without major sacrifices.

Lamiya Aji Bashar tried to escape her tormentors four times.

CAMPUS SEX CRIMES PREVENTION ACT (CSCP) The Campus Sex Crimes Prevention Act (section 1601 of Public Law 106-386) was enacted in October of 2000.

This particular amendment provides for the tracking of convicted registered sex offenders enrolled as students at institutions of higher education, working or volunteering on campus.

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The recent horrific murder of a gay Syrian living in Turkey shows once again how dangerous life is for refugees, even after they have fled their home country.Females brought in from other locations in Baghdad that came from other countries.WATCH ABOVE: 18-year-old Lamiya Aji Bashar was captured and held as a sex slave by ISIS militants.If you would like further information, please contact the Metropolitan Police Department – Sex Offender Registry Unit, at 300 Indiana Avenue, N. LGBTI individuals throughout the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) have long been persecuted by militias, religious extremists, and, sadly, their own families and communities.