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Mc Kinney said her family has no problem with her stripping down for the Carl's Jr. While she was wearing a bra and underwear during the shoot, the spot makes it appear as if Mc Kinney is walking naked through a farmer's market with strategically placed fruits and vegetables covering her naughty bits."My parents loved it," she said.

Welcome to Dallas Gay & Lesbian Singles, the only thriving LGBT singles group on for the Dallas area.

It’s great if more people can show up at meet ups like this. Please take whatever steps you feel necessary to protect your privacy while online.

Dating in Mc Kinney is not exactly a walk in the park.

More than anything else, we value members with a sincere desire to make this group a part of their social life.

What members are saying about the group: This group just keeps getting better! Good friends, sharing ideas, life styles and good learning experience.

This Group offers frequent and varied opportunities for LGBT singles to meet and socialize with one another.

To be clear, this is a social group and not a pickup site.

(Game tickets are required for entry; while supplies last).

DJ Joe Ramirez and Mavs Fans will toast to Dirk’s 30k Milestone at pm.