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But after spending a good deal of my 20s alone, I came to realize that my reluctance to step through doorways first stemmed from a bigger fear I used to have: being alone in a crowded room.Or worse, having people assume I was alone, and then feeling bad for me.Just one tip: instead of Tinder, try Happen – the guys are way cuter!France is blessed with renowned wine regions all across the country.English chardonnay Blanc des Blancs scored a crushing victory over its French rival, the Grand Cru Blancs de Blancs by NV Billecart-Salmon, with nine of the panel of 14 preferring the English wine, and 13 believing it was French.The English Gusbourne Rose won by the same margin against the French Rose Majeur by NV Ayala, with half the panel believing it to be French.

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If there happened to be a Friday night when all of my friends were busy, and I was stuck home by myself, I’d dissolve into a pool of tears.

Tours are available of the many cellars and underground caves and tunnels where traditionally the wine is stored.

Further south is another wine-growing area in the Aube department, between the towns of Bar-sur-Aube and Les Riceys - here you will easily find châteaux tours and vineyards selling high-quality Champagne.

The panel could not split the English 2009 Ridgeview and the NV Jacquesson Cuvee no 738, with half the panel also believing the English wine was a champagne.

Speaking about the results, Mr Jukes said: “It’s kind of the first day of the rest of its life for English wine.