Benefits of consolidating distribution centers

The initial hurdle for shippers is figuring out if, and where, they have enough volume to take advantage of consolidation. It’s just a matter of gaining the visibility to see it – and early enough in the planning process to do something about it.Both the problem and opportunity involved with creating a consolidation strategy is obvious when you consider the following.

Companies can choose between operating one centrally located distribution center and operating multiple distribution centers throughout a region or country.

As a result, logistics and supply chain professionals are more connected to the business than ever before and are now playing a critical role in furthering business objectives.

What then are the biggest business issues affecting the design of materials handling systems as well as the warehouse and distribution best practices that run today’s game-changing operations?

[…] " In early 1990, American President Companies started double-stack container rail service from Woodhaven, Michigan to Ford Motor Company’s auto assembly plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.

The movement includes coordination over four railroads and with Mexican customs officials for delay-free clearance.