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The 10-time All-Star said she has been out to her family and friends since the beginning stages of her WNBA career but did not go public with the news until now.Bird said she was close to coming out before the 2016 Rio Olympics, but ultimately decided not to.

Rapinoe told ESPNW that she and Bird have similar principles.

She has since been the champion who has never been defeated.

Laila started boxing on 1999 and has won an IBA title too.

His interest into boxing was generated by boxing coach Joe E. He began training at this age and had already won the world heavyweight championship at the age of 22 on the year 1964. military as he was against the Vietnam War and was found to be guilty on charges of draft evasion and thus his boxing title was stripped.

He converted to Sunni Islam and concerted his name on the year 1975. After stopping to fight for four years, the charge was overturned on 1971.