Chattanooga nudity

Then: Baby Falls, on the Tellico River, are about 15 feet high with a deep, large pool at the bottom. BE VERY CAREFUL HERE- IF THE RIVER CURRENTS ARE HIGH, DO NOT SWIM HERE!

This from a visitor:"There is some sort of grass that grows at the top of the falls, that is like astro-turf, and allows one to walk out to the middle of the top portion of the falls.

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Be careful here if jumping, and it is best not to be under the influence, as people have died here.Intentional nudity with strangers has never been an activity I found appealing.I pictured either sandy beaches with hippies splashing about in the sand or a dungeon of wild sex parties. Rock Haven is essentially a trailer park community-but where everyone is nude.One can climb down to pool area and swim, my wife likes to sit in the shallow water 30 - 40 yards up from the falls. Swimming place in Tellico River at Davis Branch national forest campground.There are swimming spots before you get to Baby Falls, but I did not see anybody in Bald River Falls swimming." LAT, LON lat=35.3265, lon=-84.1757(source: Topozone) (accuracy: exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP . LAT, LON lat=35.27942, lon=-84.096(source: Topozone) (accuracy: exact) LINK TO GOOGLE MAP . From Bristol, take RT 421 south for 20 miles to Shady Valley.